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Ezekiel Elliott is a running back for the Dallas Cowboys.


Season 1[]

Elliott appeared in the very first episode of Gridiron Heights. Elliott also appears in episode 6 taking a selfie with Mount Rush-more, episode 7 as 'rookie monster', episode 11 seating with the thanksgiving table, episode 12 dancing with Dak Prescott , episode 13 sayin' 'boomin!', episode 14 dressed as an Ewok, episode 15 as a minor character, episode 17 in a movie trailer, and finally episode 19 sad because of getting eliminated of the playoffs.

Season 2[]

Zeke was only shown in episode 12 holding the Eagles' float for the thanksgiving parade. That would be his only appearance in Season 2.

Season 3[]

Zeke appears in episode 7, bailing out Jason Garrett for barely beating the Giants, also shown in episode 9 inside the Salvation Army cauldron, and in episode 14, opening the doors to the playoff picture for Dak. Zeke was mentioned in episode 19 by Sean McVay. Finally, he appeared in episode 21 for the Pro Bowl.

Season 4[]

Zeke would be in episode 1, walking on Cabo Beach. He would on the next episode, notably smacking the America's Team board out of Kyler Murray. Zeke would be in the RB Committee in episode 7, constantly asking to be feed; then on episode 12 sitting on a throne of money. His last appearance would be him fighting for the NFC East trophy in episode 16.

Season 5[]

Zeke would continue appearing in the first episode, shown eating sushi. Then on episode 4, pointing at a tattoo on his chest saying FEED ME. He would have the tattoo changed to FEED Tony Pollard in episode 16.


Ezekiel Elliott, in total, has been in 16 episodes of Gridiron Heights, 9 being a minor character with no speaking role.

Season 1[]

- E1 "The Flashy Rookie and the Forgotten Star"

-E6 "Archie Stops a Fight, Rodger Goodell Fines Everyone"

-E7 "A Rookie Monster Has Players Scared in Town"