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"The Flashy Rookie and the Forgotten Star" is the 1st episode in Gridiron Heights.

Plot synopsis

Roger Goodell introduces Ezekiel Elliott to his fellow Gridiron Heights residents. Meanwhile, Tom Brady watches Week 1 of NFL action from Goodell's Dog House.


Minor Characters (In Order)

  • Cam Newton
  • Vontaze Burfict


(Ezekiel Elliott enters a blue bus in a parking lot. Roger Goodell awaits inside.)

Roger Goodell: "Ezekiel Elliot, welcome to Gridiron Heights. God, I can't wait to suspend you. Let me introduce you to some of your neighbors. Hey Gronkowski, stop eating that keg of beer, you animal!"

(Cuts to Rob Gronkowski biting open a keg of beer. A hole is made and beer goes flying out.)


Roger G.: "This is Odell Beckham."

(Cuts to Odell Beckham Jr. on his tablet.)

Odell Beckham Jr: "Let me get your password for HBO GO, man. I'm trying to catch up on Girls."

Roger G. : "And you know Tony Romo."

(Cuts to Tony Romo in a full-body cast.)

Tony Romo: "I hate my bones."

Roger G. : "Let's go to the games."

Tom Brady (offscreen): "Hold up!"

(Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell run up to the bus door.)

Tom B. : "We're coming too."

Roger G. : "Not today, fellas."

(Bus door closes and the bus drives away, leaving Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell in a cloud of dust. Le'Veon Bell starts coughing.)

Tom B. : "Son of a-"


(At Goodell's Dog House, Tom Brady watches a TV playing the national anthem while Le'Veon Bell and Vontaze Burfict hang out in the background.)

Male Announcer: "Welcome to Week 1 in the NFL, and with the whole nation watching, Colin Kaepernick continues to sit in protest."

Tom B. : "Come on. Nobody sits better than me!"

(Suddenly, Tom Brady's chair creeks and breaks. Tom Brady falls to the floor.)

Le'Veon Bell: "Garoppolo wouldn't fall."

Tom B. : "Son of a-"



  • Cam Newton can be seen flossing in the background during Tony Romo's line.
  • During most of the series, Tom Brady's red hat is backwards. However, during the second half of this episode, his hat is forward-facing, showing the words "Make Weeks 1-4 Great Again". This is obviously a parody of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats, one of which Tom Brady owns.
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