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"The Flashy Rookie and the Forgotten Star" is the 1st episode in Gridiron Heights.

Plot synopsis[]

Roger Goodell introduces Ezekiel Elliott to his fellow Gridiron Heights residents. Meanwhile, Tom Brady watches Week 1 of NFL action from Goodell's Dog House.


Minor Characters (In Order)

  • Cam Newton
  • Vontaze Burfict


(Ezekiel Elliott enters a blue bus in a parking lot. Roger Goodell awaits inside.)

Roger Goodell: "Ezekiel Elliot, welcome to Gridiron Heights. God, I can't wait to suspend you. Let me introduce you to some of your neighbors. Hey Gronkowski, stop eating that keg of beer, you animal!"

(Cuts to Rob Gronkowski biting open a keg of beer. A hole is made and beer goes flying out.)


Roger G.: "This is Odell Beckham."

(Cuts to Odell Beckham Jr. on his tablet.)

Odell Beckham Jr: "Let me get your password for HBO GO, man. I'm trying to catch up on Girls."

Roger G. : "And you know Tony Romo."

(Cuts to Tony Romo in a full-body cast.)

Tony Romo: "I hate my bones."

Roger G. : "Let's go to the games."

Tom Brady (offscreen): "Hold up!"

(Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell run up to the bus door.)

Tom B. : "We're coming too."

Roger G. : "Not today, fellas."

(Bus door closes and the bus drives away, leaving Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell in a cloud of dust. Le'Veon Bell starts coughing.)

Tom B. : "Son of a-"


(At Goodell's Dog House, Tom Brady watches a TV playing the national anthem while Le'Veon Bell and Vontaze Burfict hang out in the background.)

Male Announcer: "Welcome to Week 1 in the NFL, and with the whole nation watching, Colin Kaepernick continues to sit in protest."

Tom B. : "Come on. Nobody sits better than me!"

(Suddenly, Tom Brady's chair creeks and breaks. Tom Brady falls to the floor.)

Le'Veon Bell: "Garoppolo wouldn't fall."

Tom B. : "Son of a-"



  • Cam Newton can be seen flossing in the background during Tony Romo's line.
  • During most of the series, Tom Brady's red hat is backwards. However, during the second half of this episode, his hat is forward-facing, showing the words "Make Weeks 1-4 Great Again". This is obviously a parody of Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" hats, one of which Tom Brady owns.